1080p wireless security camera with 7“ touchscreen DVR monitor-CM794735

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1080p wireless security camera with 7“ touchscreen DVR monitor


• Long range WiFi technology, MP4 compression.

• System supports up to 4 cameras, single channel, split or quad display.

• 1080p outdoor camera with night vision.

• Camera with smart motion detection (PIR + VMD) to minimize the false trigger.

• 7” capacitive touchscreen monitor with manual, auto and schedule recording into Micro SD card.

• Monitor with battery for portable use.

• Camera with deterrent voice message and siren.

• Two-way audio communication

• Monitor connects to router through ethernet cable.

• Free iOS & Android App for remote access from smart phone/tablet.

• Compatible with RDI Spotlight camera CL794

• Compatible with RDI indoor pan & tilt camera CA544

• Optional repeater box to extend the transmission range

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